Ballot Qualification

Initiatives completed in record time with extraordinary validity rates.

Attention To Detail

We are meticulous at every level. Our attention to detail, whether it is taking care of our employees, or eyeballing a signature, helps ensure the success of a petition drive. 
AMT's management structure ensures that our client gets results.

Responsible Employer

AMT's nationwide staff are employees - not contractors.
AMT is a responsible employer and pays social security, and medicare, as well as unemployment taxes. We provide a worker's compensation policy covering on-the-job injury, and our permanent employees all have health insurance that is entirely paid by the company.
When a voter contact firm shows this commitment to it's employees, clients benefit from a workforce that is secure and focused.

Radical Transparency

We provide clients with access to our verification system so that they may monitor progress in real time. 
We store our petitions securely and have an insurance policy to cover theft or damage.
We are honest, transparent, and pay attention to the details.

Voter Contact and Get-Out-The-Vote

Know what your voters are thinking.

We produce the most detailed reports in the industry. Each client receives a daily custom report suite.
We break down your field results in sophisticated cross-tabs and toplines, as well as an award-winning comment report that details every single interview with a 1-2 sentence verbatim.
Your campaign can listen to the voters in your district, and make strategic decisions based on real-time reporting.
Every campaign is unique.
Your technology should be too.
AMT has its own in-house IT department that builds a custom application for each campaign.
Quality Control
Our canvassers conduct quality control interviews, and produce the most detailed daily reports for every voter we talk to.
Multiple layers of quality control review every single interview throughout the day.
AMT invests in training, quality control, and employee benefits.
The AMT family is disciplined and committed to victory.

Direct Mail with Distinctive Design

Messaging that reflects your values and beliefs on time and on budget.

Eye-Catching Design

In the ever-evolving field of voter outreach, readers need to be drawn in by a distinctive, bold, in-your-face look.
Our mail is simple, direct, and communicates a memorable message.
The future of direct mail is changing. Our design captures the reader's eye in the time it takes to get from the mailbox to the recycle bin. 

Rapid Response

Messaging is easy when you are in tune with the mood of the electorate.
Our teams on the ground are trained to seek information about your opponents' mail and messaging at the door.
We can draft response pieces to attacks within hours.

On Time and On Budget

Outsourcing mail wastes money and time. Our mail is written and produced in-house, providing flexibility to produce pieces around the clock.
We provide a disciplined work schedule, estimate errors, and deliver on time and on budget.
We will deal with you fairly and transparently, to ensure you pay the lowest possible price.